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What is Mixology?

Our founder, Lisa Senafe, proudly introduces Mixology™ a new way to feed!

There is no perfect pet food. Every option may lack something or have too much of something else. We believe rotating meat proteins, styles, and brands is a more complete approach to helping pets thrive.

Continue down the page to explore Mixology and how you can get started on a happier and healthier path for your pets.

Our Fresh Philosophy

No Corn. No Wheat. No Soy. No Exceptions.


Kibble (FRESH)

Dried food where meat is always the 1st ingredient. Commonly called Traditional dry dog food or dry cat food.


Canned (FRESH)

Adds moisture to a meal and can be eaten alone as a meal or mixed with other foods. Commonly called Traditional wet dog food or wet cat food.


Dehydrated (FRESHER)

Naturally preserves and retains raw nutrients


Freeze-Dried (FRESHER)

Raw food that retains freshness with less mess



Nutrient-dense and moisture rich. Closest to a pet's natural diet.

How To Transition

Changing your pet's food is not an overnight fix. We reccomend a mix of old food and new food over 4-7 day periods. This number is just a suggestion. You know your pet best, so take extra time if your pet needs it.

transition 25%

4-7 Days

75% Old / 25% New

transition 50%

4-7 Days

50% Old / 50% New

transition 75%

4-7 Days

25% Old / 75% New

transition 100%

100% New

rotate protein every 3 months

Mixology Quick Start

Not ready to take the full dive into Mixology? Try adding one of these other food types as a topper to your pets bowl of kibble.

Grocery Store

Try adding a few items to your grocery list and topping your pets food bowl. Fresh foods like Brocolli, sweet potatoes, carrots & eggs are great fresh foods to incorporate into your pets diet.

Find the best food and supplies for your pet

Bentley's Pet Stuff offers the finest pet foods and pet supplies on the planet. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can help you with mixology or anything else to help make your pets live their lives to the fullest.